The Hidden Factors That Makes Code Readable

You have always heard that it is important to write code that is more “readable”. But what exactly makes the code more readable? There is no absolute answer to what is readable code. It varies depending on the developers and even what you consider is readable code. Readable code to […]

Why You Should Limit the Use of Comments

As programmers, developers, and engineers at one point or another we had come across that commenting your code is good. All good code contains comments and that is why you should use them, right? The answer is that it depends. Wrong usages of comments can do more harm than good.

7 Reasons Why You Should Write at Least Clean Enough Code 1

You have probably heard that you should always write and deliver clean code. Although that would be ideal, it does not always happen in the real world. There are many variables that prevent writing perfectly clean code. As a result, much of the code that you will encounter is “clean […]

Android Tips — Activity and Service

An Activity and Service are the basic building blocks for an Android app. Usually, the Activity handles the User Interface (UI) and interactions with the user, while the service handles the tasks based on the user input. If you are new to Android development, it can be confusing at times […]

The Importance of Lighting for Software Development

Recently the area where I write software has been renovated. The change that stood out to me was the glaring ceiling lights, which had been changed to bright fluorescent lights (5K color temperature). After being exposed to the fluorescent lights for less than one hour, I began to feel sick. […]

Android Development Tips

Software is getting more complex by the day. Nowadays, when you want to write a simple Android app you need the Android framework and SDK (software development kit) and maybe an IDE (integrated development environment) like Android Studio or Eclipse. There is a lot packed into the Android Framework and […]

Benefits to Planning Ahead in Software Development

Often time less experienced software developers tend to have the wrong idea of being productive in software development. They believe that to be productive, they have to be writing code all the time. Do you fall into this description?