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3 Tips to Starting Side Projects

Picking a side project does not have to be hard. It’s easy to get stuck trying to figure out the perfect idea and end up not doing anything at all. Some developers associate picking a side project as their dream, which is usually far from reach, and discourage themselves to […]

5 Benefits of Personal Side Projects for Software Developers

Side projects are becoming more common for software developers nowadays. Many works on side projects for fun. However, side projects are also beneficial for a developer’s career. Therefore, the goal of this post is to mention five benefits to side projects.

5 Tips to Fitting into the Modern Work Environment as an Introverted Software Developer

The modern work environment can be difficult to deal with for those that are on the introverted side. Open office space, distractions at every corner, and constant talking everywhere are some examples of what goes on in most modern work environments. For those that are more on the extroverted side, […]

4 Tips to Support Language Selection in Android App

Sometimes you may need to support different languages in your application that is independent of the Android system language. The Android framework makes supporting multiple languages simple, but it is dependent on the Android system language. To overcome the limitation of the Android framework language support, you can modify your […]