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3 Tips to Starting Side Projects

Picking a side project does not have to be hard. It’s easy to get stuck trying to figure out the perfect idea and end up not doing anything at all. Some developers associate picking a side project as their dream, which is usually far from reach, and discourage themselves to […]

5 Benefits of Personal Side Projects for Software Developers

Side projects are becoming more common for software developers nowadays. Many works on side projects for fun. However, side projects are also beneficial for a developer’s career. Therefore, the goal of this post is to mention five benefits to side projects.

5 Tips to Fitting into the Modern Work Environment as an Introverted Software Developer

The modern work environment can be difficult to deal with for those that are on the introverted side. Open office space, distractions at every corner, and constant talking everywhere are some examples of what goes on in most modern work environments. For those that are more on the extroverted side, […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Write at Least Clean Enough Code 1

You have probably heard that you should always write and deliver clean code. Although that would be ideal, it does not always happen in the real world. There are many variables that prevent writing perfectly clean code. As a result, much of the code that you will encounter is “clean […]

The Importance of Lighting for Software Development

Recently the area where I write software has been renovated. The change that stood out to me was the glaring ceiling lights, which had been changed to bright fluorescent lights (5K color temperature). After being exposed to the fluorescent lights for less than one hour, I began to feel sick. […]

The Art of Doing Nothing

We live in a world where you are always “busy.” Your to-do list is growing day-by-day and you wonder when it will stop. This blog post might be one of the many tabs you have opened up in your internet browser. In your head, you might be juggling all the […]

Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health as a Software Developer

The cognitive load from writing software is incredibly¬†high early on in your career. You do not have much experience in solving various types of problems. This lack of experience makes you actively think about each of the problems that you are trying to solve to reach an end-solution. Repeat the […]

The Importance of the State of Flow for Software Developers 2

The state of “flow” or “zone” is a unique concept that you might have experience with, but do not know about it. Sometimes, when you are coding you lose the¬†sense of time and what is happening around you. Does this sound familiar? If so, that was you being in “flow.”